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The Following Organizations are Known to Buy Patents from Inventors

Intellectual Ventures

NTP, Inc. – Big Patent Troll

Acacia – Big Patent Troll

Vuestar – Singapore Corp Interested in Digital Imaging Patents


Applera – Interested in Bio Tech Patents

Bourne Capital

Corticeira Amorim – Interested in Insulation and Cork Related Patents

Do you need help buying or acquiring a Patent?

If you are interested in acquiring temporary or permanent rights in a patent controlled by another, USPatentLaw may be able to help you. Steven Rinehart is a registered patent attorney and can act as a straw man for buyers interested in acquiring licenses or ownership in patents held by others without disclosing the identity of the acquiring party to the patent holder. Often, large corporations find themselves in a disadvantaged position negotiating for rights in intellectual property because of the position of wealth perceived by the patent holder to exist on the part of the corporation. Having a straw man, familiar with patents and IP law, negotiate for the desired rights without disclosing the identity or involvement of the corporation to the seller can save the corporation millions.

To search the patent assignment information with the USPTO, click here.

USPatentLaw also works with a small group of individuals and organizations who are interested in selling patents (sometimes acquired in bulk from bankruptcy estates). Eventually, a database of these patents may be available online; but, for now, if you are a patent troll interested in patents which are, or may be, available, please contact USPatentLaw.

Patent Brokerage Services

If you are an inventor or patent holder sitting on patent rights, and fear your patents will expire without ever turning dividends, USPatentLaw may be able to help you sell those patent(s). You must be willing, in most cases, to wholesale each patent for less than $1,000. If the patent is more valuable (e.g. has been licensed in the past or can be shown through extrinsic evidence to be more valuable), USPatentLaw may be able to help you broker it for more, up to millions in some cases.

Nationwide, only 5% of patents that are issued ever make enough money to cover the cost of obtaining the patent, but those that do can turn millions. If you happen to have one of the 19 out of 20 patents that will likely never turn a profit, USPatentLaw may be able to help you garner some kind of return on your investment.

To search patent assignment information with the USPTO, click here.

Bankruptcies and Receiverships

If you are a trustee or receiver charged with liquidating corporate assets (in bankruptcy estates, corporate receiverships, or the like), USPatentLaw may be uniquely positioned to quickly help you liquidate intellectual property to buyers in North America. Patents and intellectual property can often be very difficult for trustees and receivers to liquidate, even in strong markets (because of the search costs), and USPatentLaw can be an essential short-term partner.

Brokerage & Valuation Services

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