Trade Secrets

Confidentiality, Non-Complete, & Non-Solicitation

  • USPatentLaw may be able to help you enforce soft IP rights stemming from certain types of contracts, including:
  • Non-disclosure Agreements (Confidentiality)
  • Non-solicitation Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements

We may be able to help you draft and execute these types of agreements with other parties.  Please call for rates.

Trade Secrets

Almost any assembly of confidential information by a business relating to its economic viability can constitute a trade secret, including customer lists and marketing strategies. Companies can sue individuals who betray their trust after being given confidential access to trade secrets. Examples of some information which may constitute trade secrets follows:


  • Soft drink ingredients;
  • Ratios of butter, cheese, or alcohol in recipes for perishable foods;
  • Estimates of profitability and man hours in a construction project or software engineering project;
  • Methods of fishing, disposing trash, selling watches, airbrushing photos, designing software;
  • Methods of treating the mentally ill, anodizing titanium, rebuilding an engine, or generating electricity;
  • Ratios of raw materials, equipment and men needed for commercial project; and
  • Test pilot opinions on supersonic aircraft prototypes.

Techniques & Patterns

  • Processes of wiring electrical devices;
  • Company created resources (tangible or intangible) including blue prints and schematics; and
  • Standardized performance test results.


  • Office emails;
  • Information about inter-office interactions;
  • Customers’ identities; and
  • Profit margins or profit margin estimates.

Products & Designs

  • Source code, schematics;
  • Marketing strategies, photos, blueprints;
  • Devices created for employees;
  • Database files;
  • Opinions of lawyers, doctors, accountants and consultants;
  • Voter or customer demographic info;
  • Locations of oil or aquifers; 
  • Driving and patrolling patterns of police and security personnel;
  • Legal documents

We can help you protect trade secrets through contracts and through the court system.  Please call or rates on representation with trade secret matters.