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We offer a range of intellectual property services summarized in the vertical navigation bar to the left, including patent preparation and prosecution as well as trademark filings.  Please visit the drop-down pages for more information about each general service.  Typical fees are estimated below, but may vary with different circumstances.

The fees shown below are subject to change at any time without notice, and do not include filing fees, issue fees, or maintenance fees with the USPTO, WIPO, or other international offices. The legal fees shown do not include subsequent prosecution fees. Most patent applications require that one or more office action responses be filed within three years of filing the application, for which practitioners charge extra as the responses become necessary. Add 40% for rush service to the fees shown below. Most patent applications require a patentability search. Patent applications can generally be completed within ten (10) days when rushed fees are paid. All legal fees are shown in U.S. dollars.

Itemized Fixed Fees for IP Related Legal Services:

Domestic Patentability Search:
Foreign Patentability Search:
U.S. Provisional Patent Application:
U.S. Design Patent Application:
U.S. Plant Patent Application:
U.S. Utility Patent Application(Software):
U.S. Utility Patent Application (Simple Mechanical):
U.S. Utility Patent Application: (Complex Mechanical):
U.S. Utility Patent Application: Chemical
U.S. Utility Patent Application: Electrical
U.S. Utility Patent Application(Business Method):
PCT Patent Application:
U.S. Office Action Response:
PCT Office Action Response:
Post-Grant Review Proceeding:
Reexamination Proceedings:
General Patent Litigation:
Patentability Opinion:
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$5,500 and up
U.S. Federal Registrability Search (Word Mark):
U.S. Federal Registrability Search (Design Mark):
International Trademark Search:
U.S. Trademark Application Preparation and Filing:
Office Action Response:
U.S. Copyright Application Filing:
ICANN Arbitrative Complaint (UDRP, CEDRP, Etc.):
Federal ACPA Complaint:
General Litigation:
LLC Organization Docs & Filing (Articles and Operating Agreement):
Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws:
Partnership (LLP) formation:
Non-disclosure / Non-competition / Non-solicitionation Agreement:
Franchise Formation and UFOC Prepartion (Excludes Registration):

*Filing fees for an international PCT applications is typically about $4,100 inclusive of all fees.


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